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Future-Present Dilemma: Post-Gadget Memories

My last four or five book purchases, including Jaron Lanier’s You Are Not a Gadget were in digital form via Kobo.  What to do about the author’s autograph?

As a tip’o’th’hat to the early VR days, I could bring my old Nintendo PowerGlove for Jaron to scrawl upon.  A similar tongue-in-cheek nod to UNIX-compatible HCI would be to bring my v1 Twiddler for mark-up…

Most likely I’ll buy one of the dead-tree copies present to receive the ritual.  It’s good to have these more resilient, future-proof little touchstones around the house for the (re)reading when this latest round of Dead Retrieval Media gadgets+formats pass on.

Any Opinions on VLS 3.50 - Universal Laser Systems (aka Versa Laser)

At last night’s @OttawaModLab gathering we were bouncing around options for our laser cutter purchase.  We’re leaning toward the Universal Laser Systems’ desktop models because they explicitly offer an air filtration system that doesn’t require external vents like all the Epilog models do.

Does anyone have any opinions and/or experience using these machines (perhaps under their old Versa Laser name) they can share?

Bill Buxton on Designs with a Deeper Purpose - @TechReview

Now he says the beating Microsoft took in the press over Surface worked in the company’s favor, because it made people discount the potential for the product and gave Microsoft the freedom to develop the idea in plain sight.

That freedom to develop ideas in plain sight is what attracts me most to Open Source projects.  My day-job in the semiconductor industry doesn’t afford me the luxury, what with all the circles of IP NDA hell.

I think some of my own deeper purpose is figuring out how future-proof innovation.  How do we catch up our tools and communities for creation to our complacent consumption conundrum?

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